Infos - Money can't buy happiness - But it can contribute to it ;0)

Exchange Rate

The currency is the Philippine Peso (₱, code PHP).

The change is roughly, as of 2017:

1 € (EUR) for more than 50 ₱.
1 Fr. (CHF) for more than 50 ₱.

1 £ (GBP) for more than 60 ₱.

1 Kr. (DKK, SEK, NOK) for between 5.60 and 7.20 ₱.
1 $ (USD) for less than 50 ₱.
1 $ (AUD or CAD) for less than 40 ₱.
1 (CNY) for more than 7 ₱.

More than 2 ¥ (JPY) for 1 ₱.

So 100 Pesos are worth around:

Less than 2 British Pounds.

2 Euros, 2 US Dollars or 2 Swiss Francs.

2½ Australian or Canadian Dollars

14 Yuans.

14 Danish Crowns.

16 Norwegian Crowns.

18 Swedish Crowns.

225 Yens.

ATM / Change

You can withdraw money both in Manila and in Sablayan (4 ATMs).

Maximum 10 000 ₱ (200 €/$) per withdrawal.

200 ₱ fees per withdrawal - plus exchange fees.

It is a good idea though to bring Euros, Dollars or other foreign currencies, and change them in Manila - the rate is better in the small change offices than when you withdraw money with the card ;0)

There is a change booth in Sablayan who takes Euros and US Dollars, as well as a few other foreign currencies, provided the banknotes are brand new. The exchange rate is slightly worse than in Manila, yet still better than card withdrawal.


You can preferably pay us in Pesos.
We also accept Euros and US Dollars, with an exchange fee of 3% compared to the daily Google change - and the change will be given in Pesos.
Bank transfers are officially not allowed to our private accounts, but in case you cannot get any cash we could arrange this way (accounts in PHP, EUR and DKK).


Often (depending on your bank account and their policies with the Philippines), you are limited to only one withdrawal per day and per card.
I.e. you cannot withdraw more than 200 €/$ per day.

And be aware that many banks now automatically block your card after the very first withdrawal in the Philippines.

So be sure to inform them priorily to your departure, that you will travel in the Philippines.