Activities - Land Tours

Sablayan Tour

1 short day.
500 ₱ + 500 ₱ per person + 500 ₱ per person for the optional zipline


Have a little insight in local history at the Plaza, its murals and small museum.

See the heart of the city life at the Market.
Have a glimpse at the colonial San Sebastian Parish Church, still in activity.
A little walk along the beach will bring you to Parola Park, a nice observatory upon the bay.
Enjoy a picnic there while admiring the China sea and the two Pandan Islands.
If you want, you can try the zipline from here, and land on the closest island after a few minutes.
A boat will  bring you back to the shore of the city - or you can swim the 200m shallow water.
A bit of walking here, especially the short but steep climb of Parola Park, yet most transport by tricycle.

Video 'The Longest Zipline...' by Wil Dasovich.
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Libuao Lake & Penal Colony

1 short day.

600 ₱ + 600 ₱ per person


Come have a picnic and a boat ride at the romantic Libuao Lake!
After a couple hours there, have a visit at the unique Penal Colony, where the inmates are resocialized through farming, construction or crafts works.
You can freely exchange with the non-criminal prisoners, or buy a souvenir.

A bit of walking here, mostly in the prison area, yet most transport by tricycle.

Mountain Night

2 days.


Try an unforgettable camp in the mountains, with terrific views over the seashore!
Meet the native Mangyans on the way.

Long yet easy trek.

Tourism - Pag-Asa Quest

Mount Iglit

4 days.


Though we are not speaking of Mount Everest, this is already climbing - 2'400m above sea level!

If you are lucky, you can also catch sight of the endemic Tamarraw (an endangered small, wild buffalo).
You will need good condition and good shoes.

Agsuli Stroll

1  whole day.


Trek at the hills of Mt. Agsuli, and explore the Carungcaban Cave, abode of bats.

Visit the Sablayan Eco-Park for further appreciation of nature and concern for the environment.

Tourism - Agsuli Trek

Siburan Virgin Forest

1 whole day.


See for yourself the largest remaining lowlands forest in Mindoro Island and come across with rich forest wildlife species of floras
and faunas. Enliven bird watching, fishing, sight-seeing and canoeing at the scenic Libuao Lake.

Tourism - Siburan

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