Infos - Ecotourism

Minimizing our environmental print

Our energy partly comes from solar equipment. Most lights, all fans and phone chargers are already powered by the sun.

In the future, we aim at becoming 100% solar.

The building materials are renewable as much as possible:
Wood and bamboo for the structure and the walls, apart from the bathrooms.
Bamboo for the furniture, and reed for the roof.

The running water comes from the groundwater, and is treated before rejection in the ground (grease trap, septic tanks).

It is actually drinkable, though drinking water proposed comes from purified jerrycans locally treated.

Our fresh products (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits) are either coming from the market or local producers.

We plan to grow our own vegetables and herbs garden without any pesticides in a near future.

The glass, metals and batteries are recycled in town.

Glass cans and plastic trays are returned to the drinks suppliers.

All organic wastes are given back to nature (paper, cardboard, wood and leaves serve for fire, restaurant wastes for compost).

Plastics remain a problem, as there is no recycling facilities around. They end up in garbage dump.


Pandan Island is a marine reserve; Apo Reef and Mount Iglit-Baco are natural parks.

You have to pay an environmental fee to access them (included in our excursions fees).

Please respect nature - and rules! there.

Do not touch anything underwater. Not only you might be harmed, but you will probably harm the ecosystem.


Please do not throw plastic or cigarette butts anywhere in the free - even in the streets, it all ends up in the see!
We recommend to bring a bag / a pocket ashtray for your excursions.


It is also great to pay a few euros / dollars for compensating the carbon emission of your trip;

You can check if your plane company offers this facility. Cebu Airlines and Qantas for example do.


And respect the locals, they are in general very friendly.

Yet little environmentally concerned :0D But they have more urgent problems to face, and they do it with a smile!

'Plastic Soup' courtesy of Gérald Vignaud

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