Activities - Entertainment


You can play Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Basketball in the resort - or on the beach.
A dugout canoe will carry you around; You can paddle to the nearby islands in less than an hour

(200 ₱ per hour, 400 ₱ for 4 hours, 600 ₱ for a whole day).
You can rent a mask and snorkel (100 ₱), and fins (100 ₱).
Yet on the beach, there is not a lot to see, as it is pure sand; You better go to either Pandan Islands, or the coral beach after the city.
Tennis possible in the city (500 ₱ per hour, rackets and balls provided).
Also possible to rent mountain bikes or motorbikes in the city.


Nietzsche once said: "In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play".
So try your chance at Darts, Chess, Backgammon, Jenga, Poker, Cards...
Several board games also available.


We have a broad choice of movies and series on display.
As well as a big selection of music - and feel free to give us a USB key with your favourite songs.
If you want to train becoming the next rock star, or just want to annoy the few neighbours around, try the karaoke!
Feeling more quiet? The head in the stars? You can use our little telescope for staring at the beautiful night skies.


Massage (400 ₱ per hour)
Manicure (300 ₱)
Laundry (50 ₱ per kilo clothes)

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