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Apo Reef

1 or 2 full days.


Apo Reef is a large coral atoll, offering wonderful dive spots - considered among the very best in the Pacific!
You can also visit the largest island, with a panoramic view from the lighthouse, a lagoon and mangroves.



There is NO regular boat sailing to Apo Reef, but few boats accredited.
Chartering a boat is quite expensive, as it is a 3 hours trip each way in open sea (between 10 000 and 20 000 ₱, divemaster included)!

To which you have to add per person the Environmental Fees (2450 ₱ per diver or 650 ₱ per snorkeller) + Diving costs + Further costs if you want to camp in Apo overnight.

If you or your group can afford that, no problem; If the weather and visibility allows it, you can get there within the next few days, as soon as one of the boats is available.
But if you want to catch up with a group and thus share the costs, plan to stay at least one week in Sablayan, so to have a good chance to get there.
It is also possible to continue the trip to Coron, from where you can then join Northern Palawan (please ask us for details and prices if interested).
You can otherwise ask for local fishermen to bring you there for cheaper in their boat, but we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you to do so, unless you are an EXTREMELY EXPERIENCED divers group. Remember that the closest hospital is more than 3 hours ride away, and the closest decompression chamber 5 hours away.

And you would still have to pay the environmental fee - there are patrols!

Photos courtesy of Florian, dive instructor at Mariposa Diving Center, Pandan Island.

All Rights Reserved.


Video 'APO REEF': All rights reserved Indowild

Northern Pandan Island

Aka. Pandan Island Grande

1 full day
500 ₱ + 500 ₱ per person
(Including transport both ways, all fees, picnic, mask, snorkel and fins)


A coral island, just off Sablayan coast - you only need 20 minutes sail!
There, you can enjoy the white sand beach and facilities provided.

And especially snorkel to see the magnificent turtles (guaranteed if the visibility is acceptable), the stingrays and the colourful coral reef fishes (you will meet Lion-, Parrot-, Trigger-, Butterfly-, Angelfishes a.o.).

If you wish to dive, and see even more sealife, ask us in advance so that we can organize for a monitor.
Initiation dives possible after a crash course for those who do not have a diving certificate (2500 PHP).
Fun dive for those with license (all equipment included for 1650 PHP)

Photos courtesy of Florian, dive instructor at Mariposa Diving Center, Pandan Island.

All Rights Reserved.

Glassboat cruise

1200 ₱ + 200 ₱ per person


See the turtles, fishes and corals, while staying dry in the glassboat!
You will tour in the bay, around Southern and Northern Pandan Islands.
Snorkel included, you can ask for a dip anytime.

Fishing Trip (To be organized - Next Year)

As we can see in the market, the surroundings overflow with delicious fishes, from squids, stingrays, barracudas to big yellowfin tunas.

If you are interested already, we can find you local fishermen to share a day on the boat.
Note: We cannot provide fishing rods for the moment - nowhere to be found in Sablayan. You can either help bringing the net, or use a rudimentary fishing line.

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